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Hot Wheels Unleashed: New trailer shows the skate park
user-iconBoris Connemann
© Milestone

The game developers from Milestone show new trailer material for the upcoming fun racer "Hot Wheels Unleashed" The trailer shows you a completely new gameplay environment from the game: the skate park. 

In addition, you can admire seven new micro-scooters in the moving footage. When "Hot Wheels Unleashed" goes on sale, there will be over 60 different Hot Wheels vehicles to choose from in the game. The new cars presented for the first time in the trailer are "Bad to the Blade", "Veloci-Racer", "Hot Wheels High", "Solid Muscle", "Tur-Bone Charged", "Time Attaxi" and the crazy "Roller Toaster".

Let your creativity run free

HWU @Milestone

Although there are no weapons, the races are supposed to get really hot.

Regarding the video, the developers published the following wording: "The skatepark area offers you an unparalleled space to unleash your creativity and design tracks in an area that is not restricted by annoying walls and furniture. Players can use ramps, railings and beams to create crazy tracks of their own and perform breathtaking tricks and stunts. Feel the exhilarating drop of the half-pipe as you race down the next kick ramp towards victory - just don't watch out for the T-Rex." We've embedded the brand new video for you below this article!

Hot Wheels Unleashed is scheduled for release on September 30th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC.


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