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Hot Wheels Unleashed: Short trailer shows new game environment
user-iconKevin Rohrscheidt
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After the rustic and atmospheric garage with its underground character was presented in the first trailer, the new gameplay trailer takes things to the heights. In "Skyscraper", the little racing cars go vertical. You'll soon be able to compete against your friends and players from all over the world on three levels of the construction site. 

The new video also shows off six more of the 60-plus vehicles that will be playable in the final retail version. The six new speedsters are: "Bump Around", "Mountain Mauler", "Sandivore", "Boom Car", "Buns of Steel", "Fast Gassin" as well as the "Motosaurus".

Vehicle tuning and track editor

"Hot Wheels Unleashed" will offer you the opportunity to play with the toy bullets just like their real-life counterparts from September 30. The gameplay is promising for the arcade genre and convinces with great and charming graphics as well as exciting races and a huge selection of the little Hot Wheels vehicles with different characteristics and rarity levels. On top of that, these can still be customized in a variety of ways. 

However, this also applies to the track layouts, which are embedded in everyday environments and have special track pieces and interactive items ready. You can then really let off steam in the game's own track editor and share your creations with the Hot Wheels fan community. 

The ambitious arcade racing game will be released on September 30 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. In addition, Hot Wheels Unleashed will be available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.


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