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New update for Gran Turismo Sport: What has been improved?
user-iconBoris Connemann

A ray of sunshine on the horizon: After the painful postponement of "Gran Turismo 7" to the year 2022, the developers from Polyphony Digital are coming around the corner with the update 1.63 for "Gran Turismo Sport"– as announced. Besides smaller improvements that are hardly visible, the discreet revision of the penalty system is especially welcome.

Patch 1.63 at a glance

By far the three most interesting innovations concern the soon to be launched FIA GT Championship, as well as the Daily Races and the Sport mode: For the latter, the times of a pit stop have been massively corrected upwards. Including entry, stop and exit, up to ten seconds more are now added. This is a huge change, as the pit strategy for the upcoming races of the FIA GT Championship now has to be completely rethought.

The changes to the penalty system are also likely to reverberate. Minor jostling or touching is no longer penalized as harshly or not at all – a blessing if you're dealing with players who have a somewhat shaky online connection. 


In addition, the "FIA Manufacturer Series" will now be held in three regions: North and South Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa. The Nations Cup is excluded from this change and remains a five-region event, with Asia, Oceania, North America and Central and South America remaining as separate entities alongside EMEA.

A change to the BOP is also included in the 1.63 update for "Gran Turismo Sport," but curiously this only applies to a single car: the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 (pictured above) loses both power and weight in this change. The weight drops by 4% to 102% and the performance by 3% to 92%. In addition, the developers at Polyphony Digital have adjusted some of the car's chassis settings, including the height of the suspension.


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Boris Connemann