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Simracing GP: Everyone can find the right race on the new platform
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It has taken almost a year, now the new platform Simracing.gp finally enters the open beta phase. The platform can now be tried out by all players to their heart's content, this is not least to test all available options. SGP is a collection of tools that will make creating and finding online races much easier for you. The details:

Three different variants

The racer:

If you just want to take a few laps, you have numerous options on Simracing.gp. You can participate in the daily races hosted by SGP. These are just for fun, but again, you should try your best as your results will be collected and used to create some great single player online experiences on the platform in the future. 

You can of course also join one of the communities that offer their races on the platform. Just browse through the communities and find one that fits your play style. You'll find communities that offer all different types of races, including daily races, rookie-only races, or very high level races - there's something here for every simracing fan. 

However, be sure to keep an eye out for sponsored events and exclusive Pro Esports tournaments, where there are usually prizes for the fastest and best participants. The platform is sponsored by with Fanatec and Next Level Racing both hosting championships.

The Community Admin:

Simracing.gp puts the creation of your own race series entirely in your hands. You don't even have to know how to configure a server or bother with compiling participant lists and parsing results files. If you have an idea for a simracing community, Simracing.gp provides you with everything you need to get it off the ground. Simracing.gp currently offers three racing games on the platform: "Assetto Corsa", "Assetto Corsa Competizione" and RaceRoom - that should easily be enough to get you into races and serious competitions. Later on, "Automobilista 2" will also be made available.

A really ingenious move is the close integration of Discord. Conversely, this means that you can easily assign Discord roles for events or championships, so you don't have to ping your entire community when you just want to talk to the 30 or so participants. 

Exciting races - when you feel like it: no longer let them dictate when what goes off and how. With access to literally thousands of servers on SGP, you decide when you want to race. You don't have to book a slot on a calendar or wait until another race is over before you can start. Because you simply race on your own time.

Brands / Esports:

Creating your own Esports tournaments is also a breeze via Simracing.gp.The provid ers have developed some unique tools in the industry that make the event much more attractive for drivers than a traditional hot lap qualifier. Best of all, all of this can be done on a much smaller budget than if a professional eSports agent were on board. If you want to explore the numerous esports possibilities of SGP, just contact the providers.  

Not a penny too much

Simracing.gp is a community-centric platform and the pricing reflects that. As a driver, you can join the daily SGP races for free and with as many communities as you like. However, if you want to upgrade, you can directly choose to donate a portion of your subscription to support the communities you're doing your laps with. It's a great way to support both the development of the platform and the communities that invest many hours of their own time into running their organizations.

This means that communities hosting events can recoup their membership costs through donations and purchase more server time as needed. Ultimately, communities can use any excess funds to spend in a store on the platform or even cash out the extra funds. 

For organizers, there is fair pricing for using all the tools in one place, servers, participant list management, championship manager, etc. With SGP you don't just rent a server, you rent all the tools that go with it.

The pricing of SGP:

SGP RACER: Race here for free with your favorite communities and in simracing.gp events.

SGP PREMIUM (€5.99): Additional benefits like the ability to create your own races for up to 12 people once a week - perfect for practicing with teammates or for casual races with friends. 25% of the fee is donated to the communities you do your laps with. I.e. if you race 10 times on SGP in a month, 9 with community X and 1 with community Y, 90% or €1.34 will go to community X and 10% or €0.14 will go to community Y. 

SGP COMMUNITY (€14.99): Create your own community and organize individual events and championships with ease. You get all the tools you need to race, including 100 hours of server time. Race whenever you want - with up to 5000 members per community.

However, the exact pricing of SGP will only take effect once the platform has moved beyond BETA status. Until then, the offer is completely free.


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