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VCO SIMMY Awards: Here Are The First Four Winners At ADAC SimRacing Expo 2021
user-iconYannik Haustein

We have a winner – or rather four, to be exact! As part of the partnership with ADAC SimRacing Expo 2021 and cowana, had created five special Expo categories for their SIMMY Awards – four of them were handed out to very happy winners at the event.


Best Team Box Design – Winner: BS+ Competition

Rocking up to ADAC SimRacing Expo with a Volkswagen Bora in their team colors, an eye-catcher design for their team box and a mannequin complete with racing overalls and a zebra head in accordance to their team mascot, BS+ went all-out with their design. Their box is filled to the brim with their identity, and the simulators in different Michael Schumacher designs were the icing on the cake – which is why the team gets to take home the first-ever SIMMY award for the Best Team Box Design.


Best New Hardware Announcement – Winner: Next Level Racing

Unfortunately not in attendance physically, Next Level Racing took full advantage of their digital exhibitor status and presented an in-depth video of their brand-new F-GT Elite rigs, explaining all the details and adjustability features of their aluminium profile setup. They also introduced the iRacing version of the rig in video form – a concept done so convincingly that the Australians have the honor of receiving the first SIMMY award for the Best New Hardware Announcement.


Best Booth Activation – Winner: D-BOX

When manufacturers of SimRacing hardware come together, it can be hard to stand out and engage people at a booth, but that is exactly what D-BOX managed to do: The Canadians set up their Motion Zone at the Nürburgring, making it possible for visitors to ride along with a professional driver in a sim rig. Up to ten co-drivers are possible in the Motion Zone, and the seats were always filled – D-BOX knows how to engage Expo visitors with their unique setup, which is why they were honored with the SIMMY Award for Best Booth Activation.


Best Booth Concept: Virtual Racing Lounge

Transferring the feeling of a lounge and SimRacing shop to the Expo might sound impossible, but VRL took everything that is characteristic for their shop in Böblingen near Stuttgart and managed to make it available at the Nürburgring as well: Not only could SimRacers try their rigs and hardware, they also could buy it at the booth right after trying – and the lounge aspect was perfectly mirrored in the social gatherings of the booth, with lots of SimRacing related chats happening all day at VRL’s Expo space. The SIMMY Award for Best Booth Concept is going to be a nice addition to the lounge in Böblingen.

The fifth SIMMY Award category is Best SimRacing Expo Driver and is going to be awarded after the Expo. That does not mean that the SIMMY Awards are over after that, however – more awards will be handed out later this year.


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