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TCR Virtual: Innovative race series soon available in Simracing.GP
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WSC and RaceDepartment enter into a new partnership to produce "TCR Virtual". An innovative simracing esports tournament that will be held on the new motorsports esports platform Simracing.GP. The tournament will be held on the Assetto Corsa platform and will feature a brand new, officially licensed mod with up to 12 cars from the TCR portfolio. Using data from real teams and manufacturers, this will be the most accurate representation of TCR cars to date. The best part: 

You don't have to pay a dime to participate in the tournament as well as to download the corresponding necessary content.

Everyone is invited

An important principle of TCR is to make motorsport accessible to as many people as possible, and "TCR Virtual" implements this principle accordingly. To make this competition more than just the same 50 fastest drivers every time, the rulebook has been rewritten and a fresh and innovative approach has been taken:

The hotlap qualification system was scrapped and a new type of tournament structure was introduced, where every single driver will participate in at least two races. Conversely, this means that skills such as racing skill and consistency will advance drivers, not the speed of a single lap – as has been the case in the past.

Simracing.GP as platform

The tournament will be held on the innovative new Esports platform Simracing.GP. You can find out everything you need to know about the new platform here . With more than 14,000 drivers from around the world already registered on the site, the goal is to offer regional tournaments, similar to the TCR platform in the real world. "TCR Virtual" will be the first major esports competition to take place on Simracing.GP, with handsome cash prizes up for grabs.

In addition to the flagship competition structure, Simracing.GP will also feature year-round TCR races in the form of daily races, championships and one-off special events such as endurance races.

More and detailed information about the tournament structure, schedule, prizes and entry requirements will be announced in the coming weeks. We, and our colleagues at RaceDepartment.com, will keep you updated in this regard.


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Boris Connemann