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Thrustmaster: New steering wheel to be unveiled on 23rd of June
user-iconBoris Connemann
© Thrustmaster

This Thursday, for once, Thrustmaster didn't give us another teaser for new hardware - they put their money where their mouth is: A brand new steering wheel is to be unveiled as early as June 23rd. We have the details:

T remained a mystery

The first social media teaser was already posted online by Thrustmaster on May 20th, but it only left fans with question marks, because apart from a red "pause" symbol on a black background, there was nothing to be seen.

The teaser continued a week later, on May 27th. Again, the pause symbol could be seen, but now accompanied by the letter sequence: "T-DCC". Additionally inserted, white circles, let the community already the quiet suspicion arise that it could perhaps act around a new steering wheel of Thrustmaster. Not least because the "T" is always used at Thrustmaster for new steering wheel technologies and their designation.

The last teaser also featured a background that reminds us of the surface of a computer chip, but now accompanied by the letter sequence "T-RTF". Until now, no one could make sense of this abbreviation.

However, a new teaser from today reveals a lot more: This time, you can read the text "T-Turbo" plus a small description that talks about a peak power of 400 watts. The tweet mentions June 23rd, 2021 as the date for the final unveiling of the new hardware. 

Since the designation "T-Turbo" is always used for the power supplies of Thrustmaster's wheels, the approaching unveiling can therefore actually only be about a completely new steering wheel.

It gets even more interesting when you look at the tags that were used for the tweet. Because ""BackIICompete" indicates that the "pause" symbol should rather represent the Roman numeral two. This in turn suggests that the new wheel could be a continuation of an already available steering wheel - perhaps a successor to the "T-GT"? We are curious!

Fortunately, we don't have to wait much longer for the mystery to be solved. Thrustmaster will reveal everything on June 23.


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