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Thrustmaster T-GT II: Online retailers reveal first details about the steering wheel
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Numerous teasers that kept fans guessing, even more postings on Facebook and Twitter. Hardware manufacturer Thrustmaster went to a lot of trouble with the secrecy for its latest hardware. But it came as it had to: Amazon Spain and Amazon France have already listed the product, although the official announcement was not supposed to be made until June 23. Quite as the SimRacing Unlimited editorial team had thought in advance, it is the successor to the T-GT-Wheel from 2017.

Thus, the new T-GT II is listed at the online retailer Amazon, along with an extensive description and a price of around 750 euros. 

The features of the T-GT II

Many features of the new wheel are certainly familiar to SimRacing fans. Once again, it has a chic leather cover, a total of 25 action buttons and four rotary encoders, which are used in "Gran Turismo Sport", for example, for the various controls of the multifunction display, which is also available. A brushless model with an output of 40 watts is used as the motor of the T-GT II. Both features are already known from the T-GT.

Judging by the look of the T-GT II, the new model unfortunately doesn't have a direct drive, but once again a belt-driven version. A separate motor for the force feedback communicates with the wheel shaft of the steering wheel via a connecting belt.

For reasons still unknown, the Playstation logo has been omitted from the T-GT II, only the lettering for the name of the new model can be seen here (picture above). Nevertheless, the T-GT II is a licensed Playstation wheel, GT Sport specific features like the MFD dials and the T-DFB function have been kept.

The real differences from its predecessor aren't obvious at first glance, but brand new technologies have been incorporated into the T-GT II: These include the previously announced "T-DCC" and "T-RTF" functions, as well as "T-AEC-Q." The latter abbreviation refers to a classification system of the automotive industry - Automotive Electronics Council - for electronics intended for automotive applications.

However, there is still some information that is not yet known. That should change on June 23rd, when Thrustmaster officially unveils the new hardware. We will of course keep you up to date on this.


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